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Melvaig is about flexibility. As well as full time contracts, we offer resource as and when you need it. So you pay only for what you need, often at a fixed price rather than an hourly rate.

Past Projects

XSLT support
Email support for clients learning XSLT while doing their first project.
Cocktail for Java
Completion of a Java mapping for Cocktail, a commercial compiler development tool kit http://www.cocolab.de.
CORBA IDL compiler
A CORBA3 compliant IDL compiler; full semantic checking, pluggable code generation for different target languages, built-in preprocessing.
Eiffel CORBA mapping
Editing of the standard in co-operation with the key Eiffel vendors, and implementation of a production quality compiler. This can be seen here: IDLtoEiffel.html. Please note that this document is presented as it was written, and some of the external links are no longer valid.


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