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Practical XSLT

XSLT is arguably the most important part of the XML story. It is the language of transformations, how you get from XML to other formats such as HTML or paper.

This workshop covers the main elements of the XSLT language in the context of practical problems.


Basic knowledge of XML syntax and usage. Some exercises ask you to produce simple HTML.

Some programming or scripting experience would be useful.


You can learn XSLT with us in three ways:

  • 3-5 day workshop
  • self-paced distance learning
  • individual learning support

We also understand that other learning methods can be more effective for some people, so we also offer a learning support package which can be used on its own or in addition to other methods. Based on a fixed fee per question, you pay only for the help you need while applying a new skill to your first project.

This option can be taken following the workshop, or by itself for those who prefer to learn by investigation.


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