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1. Introduction

This document is a specification of an Eiffel language mapping for CORBA IDL.

The main body of the mapping in chapter Eiffel Mapping is annotated with explanations rendered thus:


Rationale paragraphs are explanations only, and do not form part of the standard.

Similarly chapter Design Rationale is introductory and only serves to clarify rather than add to the main specification.

Where the document format allows we encode different elements as follows:

1.1 Submitting Organizations

The following organizations are pleased to jointly submit this specification for adoption via the OMG Request for Comment process:

1.2 Submission Contacts

Questions regarding the submission of this document should be directed to:

Alternatively, mail all the reviewers at ICL, Tower and ISE.

1.3 Authors

This document is a combination of two earlier proposals, listed below. Both had strengths and weaknesses, and it is our opinion that the combination represents a much stronger proposal than either of the earlier documents standing alone.

1.4 Reviewers

We thank the following for their comments on the contents of this proposal, in all its incarnations.

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